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Gemstones Findings

We gather wide-range of gemstones from all across the world

Proudly present precious stones from the famous sources of the world!!

The main sources are Thailand, Burma,  Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Africa, Madagascar and Australia. Emerald from Africa, Columbia and Brazil are also part of Gems Marketing’s range of goods. All gemstones are sold in calibrated sizes, by the lot or single stones.

Experienced Sales Executives

We offer professional services from certified gemologists

On examining all gemstones from Gems Marketing, customers are accompanied by our experienced sales executives who possess in-depth knowledge of gem and jewelry industry, to ensure the best selection and price of all stones sold.

Gemstone Enhancement services

Re-cutting service

Gemstone recutting image

Gems Marketing works with a selected group of gemstones cutter to ensure expert cutting services. The company’s cutting manager works directly with contractors and oversees the gemstones cutting process to bring out the inherent beauty and quality of each gemstones. Gems Marketing also offer the same workmanship for overnight cutting services.


In-house Laboratory Services

All with laboratory-level standard

Part of Gems Marketing’s range of prestige services includes in-house gemological laboratory checks, such as authenticity, type, surface repair and artificial treatments, by experienced gemologists. The lab has the most current gemological equipments including microscopes, refractometer, spectroscope, Geiger counter, fiber optic lamp and SG (Specific Gravity) Liquid etc.

40+ Yrs Experience

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